Saturday, January 2, 2010

golden slumbers.

happy new year everyone!
i can't believe that it is finally 2010. this past year went by way too fast, but i am totally looking forward to 2010.

ok. so.
it's 7:27am on saturday january 2nd.
why am i up this early you ask?
because my best friend, mason t. porter, is home from his mission!
he got home last night around 10pm and the anticipation of seeing him is about to make my heart explode.
my hands are so shaky, and my heart goes through spats of beating about a million miles a hour
which makes me even more nervous.
i don't know why i am so nervous. i mean, he's just another guy, right?
haha. yeah. good one.
we have written a letter to each other every week since january 2008 and to think that two years have passed,
dozens of notebooks have been used, nearly gallons on ink have turned into words and finally, it's all over.
of course, the letter writing doesn't have to stop, but the whole, going to the post office to get a 75 cent stamp is all over.
don't get me wrong, i'm not sad about this, it's just a little surreal.

ok, so on to the question for why i am up so early?
well, you see, there is a breakfast party going on at mason's house this morning,
and yes, i was invited, but i am waiting for mason to call me, and that alone is why i am up so early.
my brain is going crazy and my heart is going to beat out of my chest.
those are two contributing factors as to why i can't sleep.
it's ok though, who really needs to sleep anyway when there is an extremely handsome man waiting to see them?
not me, thats who.

alright blog and blog readers, wish me luck.
and hey! lets all make this year a little greater than last year. deal?



tifsong said...

good luck good luck good luck! it's going to be the best EVER.

love you!

the militonis said...

linds! i am so excited for you! i cant believe he is home! we all need to get together! double date possibly?? hmmmm have fun and you know you have no reason to be worried....

Aubrey said...

Ah! I am so happy that he's home! The long wait is over. Congrats.