Sunday, August 14, 2011

year one. done.

hello friends. i am back once again and as promised, here are the pictures from my fourth of july trifle. i guess it was delicious because it was gone before i even got to try any, which is a good thing i suppose.

moving on...
  • as most of you know, m. is in a band call "Soft Science" they are kicking butt and have been playing a lot of shows the last couple of months and are in the process of recording their first ep. it is so exciting! stay tuned for more soft science news.
here is the first song they have recorded. so sit back, close your eyes, and listen to this sweet sound.

onto the next!
  • m. has been growing his beard out since the middle of june and for our anniversary he decided he would finally give in and shave it off. but not just any ol' shave. we went down to provo and he got an old fashion straight edge shave. it was quite tedious. but his face was like a babies bum afterwards.

  • we have officially been married for ONE YEAR as of last week! it has been, by far, the best year of my life. people always say that the first year is the hardest. i disagree with this. our first year was so easy. the greatest year i could have asked for.
  • m. is the best husband ever and planned a weekend up in park city for us to celebrate our first year of marriage. since our anniversary fell on a thursday this year, we decided to take work off on friday and spend the day together. pure bliss. we went to pc after work on thursday and had the best time just being together. and not working was pretty great too.

  • summer is almost over and honestly we haven't done a whole lot. we are excited for christmas time because we booked a cruise to mexico that will be little taste of heaven in the middle of winter.
this summer has been productive in some ways though.
m. learned how to unicycle.
we went to the pool.
m. went down the REALLY big slide.
we watched fireworks.
and best of all. we were together.

i love m. with all my heart.
there is no she without he.
and no me without m.

til next time, which will be next sunday (we are setting aside time just for blogging).

xo. linds.


Christa said...

Happy One Year! Love Mason's song. Oh and your 4th of July dessert looked awesome. You're so talented.
p.s. that is pretty cool he got a professional shave...i had to practice those on ballons in hair school...they are hard. I'd be scared to do on on a real person.

tifsong said...

happy one year. of course.
and masons song is incredible. he just keeps getting better and better. i bet you're a proud wife!

you're wonderful, lindsaroo.

Chelsey said...

Happy Anniversary,favorite newly weds! I love you and miss you so much.