Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year. new me.

i didn't do any blogging in december.
so i have a lot to catch you up on.

lets start with the lights at temple square.
we went with our friends colby and dani.
it was a super nice night. and the lights were beautiful as usual.

next up.
m. played at open mic night at velour. he played some of his christmas music which is always a delight.

the week before christmas we went on a cruise to cabo and ensenada mexico. 
it was glorious. 
we got a handicap room. it was huge!
the entertainment on the ship was the best! 
here we are on our way to the shore. 
lands end. the most southern point of the baja peninsula. 
m & l. cabo 2011. 

on our glass bottom boat ride. 
lovers arch.  
here we are on december 22nd. jealous?
loving the beach. 

m. heading into the ocean.

doing what lovers do on lovers beach. 
terrible picture. and the only one from ensenada. 
this is our idea of fancy. 
there was a bird in the long beach airport on our way home. 

i didn't take a single good picture on christmas. we were running around like crazy, but know that it was a wonderful day. we are both lucky enough to have wonderful families that always spoil us.
we picked out all our presents so there weren't many surprises, but it was wonderful.  i love m.

new years came in a hurry this year.
we went to lava hot springs (two years in a row!) with a few of our friends. it was awesome. we had so much fun partying all day and all night. we even stayed in our jimmy jams for a whole day and didn't even feel bad about it.
the beautiful lava lodge.
it was so cozy and rustic.

we chopped some wood. (not the whole pile, come on.)
love you, lava. 
happy new year. 
we saw some fabulous local bands play some beautiful music the first weekend of the year.
the moth & the flame with book on tape worm. 
the moth & the flame. 
m. started in the PR program at byu. 
he looked so cute on his first day. and he got a new backpack! 
and. last but not least, i am now a red head.
it's true.
well. that is a very brief overview of the past month. we have been very blessed and are so grateful that we were able to spend so much time with our family and friends over the holidays. i am so glad that my WHOLE family got together for christmas. it was pure bliss. 

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new years. and that your january is going well. i will be back sooner than later. until then, break some resolutions and set some new goals. 

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