Monday, June 9, 2008

tell me why.

why do the most unforunate things happen to the least deserving people?
why does he have to leave his wife and two boys behind? why do his little boys have to grow up without their father? why did it come back? why was it more aggressive? why did they tell him he was cured?
why did her baby have to leave this earth so soon? why did they not get a chance to meet him? why does he have to remain an only child? why did she have to be left feeling so empty?
why did he have to leave? why did his family have to suffer? why wasn't i in that car with them? why does it seem like he is still here, even though it has almost been a year?
why do i have so much, and they have so little? why do i have an education i take for grantid, and they have none, but want it more than anything? why do i have immunizations, shots, and pills, when they don't have clean water?
why did he walk out on his family for something "better"? why does she have to be the one that is hurting? why can't he see what he did wrong?
why can't the world be a brighter place? with no pain, sorrow, or suffering?
why can't we all change, the past, present, and future?


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tiffani said...

dear, there isn't anything i can really and truly say to comfort or that you haven't already heard. but you ended with a "because". because you know why. its just life. it comes and goes, and nobody knows, but we keep on living and try our best to get through it. with smiling faces.