Sunday, June 1, 2008

do you want to know a secret.

my heart is far away from me.
i wish it was here with me.

to avoid feeling numb,
i sent it away.
will you keep it close?
will you keep it safe?

i got something in return.
it was your heart.
your feelings, your understanding.
i will keep it close.
i will keep it safe.

and when you return
we will make the exchange.
and perhaps sew the hearts together.
to avoid feeling numb.


tiffani said...

you're a wonderful poet.
you have a way with words,
did you know?

i hope you knew.
i'm glad you're you.
i am glad you write. and i'm glad you say, what you want to say.

do you share these? with people outside the blogger world?
lets write a book.
pages and pages of poetry.
you. me. mason, even?

The Black's said...

You wrote that? That is a very sweet poem. totally crying again. I dont know how you do it to me everytime. Love ya linds