Saturday, May 24, 2008


her name is lucy. she is brand new. she was born at 7:19 on wednesday may 21.
sometimes it is hard to believe how much a baby can change things. she is the 9th grandchild and my 6th niece. each time a new baby comes into my family i get this reassuring feeling that there must be something greater. there has to be someone watching out for all of us and sending this innocent little people into our lives. each time i see that brand new little baby, with those tiny fingers and toes, i can't help but think that they have a whole life ahead of them. that i am going to be a part of it and i need to be an example to them. each time i see a brand new little baby, i want to be a little bit better, stand a little taller, and become a little wiser. so that i can be the aunt that i want to be. this little girl, she turned my world upside down.


tiffani said...

she's beautiful.
you're beautiful.
your thoughts are...beautiful.
you captured her beautifully.
i'm impressed with you.
you are a piece of art.
the greatest piece.
the piece of the picture, or the sculpture that just grabs attention,
and holds it there,
to where the people tilt their head and try and take it all in.

The Black's said...

Just call me EMOTIONAL but I have cried when reading every single post in you blog. You are beautiful, Linds! I will come back to your blog next time I want to cry (a sweet cry not a sad one).