Monday, May 19, 2008

i will.

in no order in particular.

1. walk on the great wall of china.
2. go to the mount of olives.
3. take hundreds of photos of my family.
4. find something i am truly passionate about.
5. sew something amazing.
6. live outside of the united states.
7. be in four places at once.
8. become a mother.
9. be a better sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.
10. learn how to play an instrument.
11. sing in front of a croud.
12. make him laugh so hard he cries.
13. find out more about my family's history.
14. write a book. even if it's only for myself.
15. make my family proud of me.
16. dance in the rain. for real.
17. blow up one of my own photos large enough to cover an entire wall.
18. give more to those in need.
19. be loved unconditionally.
20. ride a tandem bike down a windy road that leads to a picnic and the rest of my life.
21. witness a child being born.
22. be asked how we met.
23. learn how to express myself and how i am really feeling when i am feeling it.
24. go to the oprah show.
25. skinny dip in the ocean.
26. get into a paint fight with my one and only while painting the rooms in the house we will start our family in.
27. fill my own house with love.
28. read the good book multiple times each year.
29. learn how to cook something amazing.
30. make a giant igloo and sleep in it.
31. donate my hair.
32. have a huge jewelery collection to leave for my daughters.
33. never go to bed angry.
34. sing on stage with my husband.
35. be funny.
36. sing my children to sleep and comfort them when they are scared.
37. have a collection of love letters from my husband for my children to read.
38. change someones life. and never know about it.
39. be a beautiful old person.
40. kiss on the top of the eiffel tower.
41. be in the right place at the right time.
42. be someones motivation for doing something extraordinary.
43. see the northern lights.
44. swim in the great barier reef.
45. change my last name.

to be continued. with things bigger and better.


tiffani said...

i'm not really sure. but when i was reading this, i visualized all of these things, coming true for you. i know you "will". because you want to. i know you "will" because you can. you're a beautiful person, but i've told you this before. you're aspirations are as beautiful as you are. i am so blessed to know you lindsey. so blessed.

cup o' jo said...

holy smokes!! i did not even know you and tif had blogs!!! I cannot believe this. it makes me so happy! I have to add a few of your I wills... to my list. You said so many perfect things. I love them all so much. you are going to have a wonderful life i a wonderful word.

The Black's said...

linds, I was totally crying when I read this. I hope you don't forget this list. You are a great sister. It is a beautiful list, i hope you do all of these things. Love Chelsey