Tuesday, May 13, 2008

yes it is.

the outline for this was stolen from the blog of one ms. tiffani herpel. she is my buckaroo.

3 joys

1. my family.
2. my seven greatest wonders.
3. my life.

3 Fears

1. to miss out.
2. to lose.
3. to regret.

3 Goals

1. go to china.
2. get a degree.
3. change my last name.

3 Obsessions/Collections

1. letters. writing and receiving.
2. vintage dresses. from di.
3. writing.

3 Random Facts About Me

1. i brush my teeth in the shower. all the time. and just let the toothpaste go all over.
2. i mail a letter to canada every tuesday. today it cost me 96 cents. i feel i'm going to be poor when two years is over.
3. i have a really big bed. if you ever want to come sleep in it just let me know.


Morgan said...

Your last post was beautiful.

tiffani said...

i brush my teeth in the shower too! all the time. and let it go everywhere! i love it!:)

Krista Smith said...


i love you.


i tried this brushin my teeth in the shower thing.


its wonderful.