Monday, March 23, 2009

i'm looking through you.

i'm floating.
on a river called life.
one minute i'm floating.
the next i'm struggling for air.

i'm standing.
on a mountain called fear.
one minute i'm climbing.
the next i'm falling to the end.

i'm soaring.
in the sky called bliss.
one minute i'm high.
the next i'm two feet from the ground.

i'm climbing.
in a tree called knowledge.
one minute i'm in the branches.
the next i'm in the roots.

i'm walking.
through a street called unknown.
one minute i'm comfortable.
the next i'm unsure of everything.

i'm swimming.
through an ocean called beauty.
one minute i'm in awe.
the next i'm terrified.

i'm looking.
through a person called you.
for an answer.
of what to do.

1 comment:

TIFFANI♫ said...

dear Linds,
this is beautiful. it seems fitting for many a soul. wouldn't it be, that we are all looking through someone searching for answers. feeling these things then getting let down. i love the beauty you've captured here Linds. you're a poetic genious, indeed, and i enjoy reading your words. happy sad funny glad. all your words. bless you.