Thursday, December 17, 2009

act naturally.

hey everybody!
guess what! i got a real-life grown up person job. it's great. i'm making actual money for the first time in 2009. good thing it's almost over.
i'm working at myler disability (the myler of myler disability is my bishop, but let me assure you that he did not get me the job. i am completely qualified). i'm working as a front office worker and it's a total party. so, if you know anyone needing a social security or disability claim (or you just want to give me work to do) just give call the 1-800 number on the website and there's a one in 4 chance that you'll talk to me. cool beans.
in other news. it's almost christmas. i've done absolutely zero shopping. anyone want to go with me? pretty please?
moving on. there are only 15 days until mason comes home. how wild is that? i'm about pooing my pants thinking about it, mostly because it's coming so fast. everyone send yours prayers his way so that he has a great last couple of weeks and ends his mission strong. thanks a million.
well. i'm pretty exhausted from my big person job and all this waking up early and working all day has turned me into a grandma and i now go to bed at 10pm. and that is soon. i'm out of here people.
stay well all.
and happy happy week before christmas.


The Davis Duo said...

I love you and miss you.
And that goes for mason too.
I'm so stoked for his face!!

Its meee Jessica said...

Ah winds... welcome to the grown up world. Im going to warn you... Its sometimes overrated.