Thursday, December 10, 2009

i me mine.

dear friends.
can you believe the holidays are upon us. it is a little hard to believe that its december 10th. i'm telling you, this has been the fastest, craziest, most surreal, best year of my life. so far.
school is almost over, which is great, but not great because that means that in a few weeks i have to pay thousands more dollars for another semester. i have no money. it's pretty awful, but hey! that's the life of a college student, right? right.
so i have been thinking about a lot of random things lately, and i would just like to share some of those thoughts with you. feel free to stop reading anytime you want.
1. i really hate when people abbreviate the word chicken as chix. i don't know why but it makes me SO crazy and little annoyed.
2. i have had my fingernails painted for about a month and half. maybe longer. they haven't been the same color all that time, but there hasn't been a day when they were their normal (nude) color. wild.
3. there are only 21 more days until m. returns. it is so hard to believe how quickly time goes. two years? really? fastest two years of my entire life.
4. the other night i had a dream that i was driving somewhere, but i was driving in reverse. i'm not very good at driving in reverse, except for when i'm backing up (which is usually the only time i actually drive in reverse). in the dream i was going wild and going all over the road. believe it or not, i didn't even get in a wreck in my dream. i am an amazing driver.
5. my car (glen cocoa) is about to bite the dust (or snow). he's having a hard time starting up in the mornings and is prone to shaking ALL the time. maybe he's just cold, who knows. but i'm not feeling safe when i drive him anymore. time for a new car.
6. on my way to school the other day, i was sitting next to this girl who was on her computer. i'm kinda nosey (my bad) and i looked over at her computer screen and to my surprise, i noticed that she was writing a "dear john" letter. it was pretty brutal and said things like "jordan gives me everything you never did. and he doesn't want me to work. ever. i can just hang out and shop all day." and "let me go, ok? cause you can't have me back." "i chose jordan, not you. and i can't change how my heart feels." uh. a little harsh don't you think? i felt bad for reading it after that. poor missionary.
7. the other day, ok like two weeks ago, hannah and i were coming back from a Christmas card delivery and heard this song on the radio. it blew my mind! it made me feel awful. probably the WORST Christmas (season) song ever.
8. speaking of Christmas song, my favorite one is "the friendly beasts" by sufjan stevens. it is beautiful and is about CHRISTmas, not santa (i think santa is great though).
9. for the second time since i have been home from china, i ate with chop sticks. i had some ramen noodles (chicken flavor) and guess what! i am the still bombtastic at using chopsticks. i actually think they are easier when eating noodles and rice (which i have only had twice since being home!). huzzah!
10. i really don't like being cold, but i like that snow and christmas means that christmas is almost here. and if christmas is almost here, it's almost new years. and if it's almost new years, my best best friend will be home! can you believe how quickly time flies?

sorry if this was BORING to read. i told you that you could stop anytime you wanted. anyway. i've got to go to astronomy now. hopefully we'll look at some stars today! if not, i'll be sleeping.


The Militoni's said...

ok well i just talked to manda and she wants to do dinner or something on the 28th! lets plan!

tifsong said...

i love you.
and your random thoughts.
and your face.
and i LOOK FORWARD to seeing it tomorrow. ya whoop!

Jessica Rae said...

dude... that dear john. for reals????? hmmm.... I wish I could have seen it!

Christmas movies baby! Me. You. and any one else who is cool....

W.V.: delest