Wednesday, November 11, 2009

don't let me down.

i have been inspired by my dearest tiffaroo to make a list of my top movies of 2009. it has been quite the year, and i was out of the country for most of it. with that said, here we go.

in no particular order.

where the wild things are.

i've seen this movie twice and i can't wait to see it again. the emotions i feel when i watch this movie are so raw. it is not a love story, it's not an action movie, no an adventure movie. it is beautiful, in an unconventional sort of way.

(500) days of summer.

i know i've mentioned this movie time after time. but i love it. it isn't your traditional love story, but it portrays love and relationships how they really are. love is rough and tumble at times, but in the end, all is well and the trees will bloom again.

julie and julia.

i wasn't sure what to expect when i saw this movie, but i totally loved it. it made me want to cook so badly. and made me want to have a laugh like julia childs. it is funny, cute, somewhat romantic, and makes me really hungry.

star trek.

i love this movie mostly because of the circumstances of seeing it. it was the only movie i ever saw in a chinese theatre and trudged through pour rain to get there. it was hannah's birthday and was so great.

this is it.

michael jackson was amazingly talented. it's a shame that he's dead, but at least he left some great music for all of us to enjoy and dance to.

and here's one more just because.

yes. i know that this movie isn't new. it's actually a couple years old, but i just recently saw it and absolutely loved it. it is beautiful and charming. i want to have a photo booth in my house. and be someone's secret admirer.

and as for the worst movie of 2009.
my sisters keeper.

absolutely, positively terrible. i have no other words, but to say that i absolutely hated this movie. i'll never see it again, or will ever have any desire to.

welp. that's it people. the year isn't over, so this list may change, but up until now, these movies are at the top of my list.
until next time.
peace and love.


The Davis Duo said...

The director in charge of Where the Wild Things Are" is amazing! Have you seen any of his other movies?

See them in order
Being John Malcovich

tifsong said...


i forgot about julie & julia.
and i had where the wild things are's picture saved in my computer.
but i forgot about that too.

you are a good descriptive writer.
you also intrigue me.
also, i love you.
you're my best buckaroo

for a damned good reason.


love tif.

ps. i want to see This Is It real bad.