Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what you're doing.

i am once again in astronomy. but this time, it is far less interesting than last time...if that is possible. einstein is no longer on the screen, but fortunately the galaxy is. pretty, eh?
i had a whole lot of time between classes today, which was good because i was able to study for my std test. yes, std's. yummy. on the other hand, all the the time between classes allowed me to take a finer look at the great people that attend utah valley university, home of the wolverines.

the first kind of person i came across is your typical "nerd". you know the ones, with their pants up a little too high with their white socks sticking out. they typically haul around one of those rolling backpacks and they always seem to be pondering something a little too hard which causes their brows to furrow up and every once in a while they talk to themselves. loudly. most nerds, as we all know, typically have glasses, however, i wear glasses and do not consider myself to be a nerd.

the second kind of person is the ever popular "dude bro". oh man, these guys are my favorite and bring so much life to the hallways of uvu. they seem to "know" everyone and are still wearing their hollister shirts with the collars popped. i don't know why, but i can't help but laugh when i see these guys strutting their stuff down the hallways and checking out every other guys collars as he walks past.

my third encounter was with your classic "i don't care what i look like/i'm a new-age hippie" person. however, you can tell that they put a little to much thought into matching their vegan shoes with their hemp shirt and their greasy long hair with their unkept fingernails. i get that they "don't care" what other people think, and it's obvious that once stop wearing shoes in the hallways and they get to the point of "i'm not wearing underwear" that they've completely given up any thought about what they're putting out into the world. yikes.

the fourth kind of person that i've had the wonderful opportunity to witness is the "i go to school, but don't go to class" person. we've all seen them. they sit on their computers all day long, and no matter what time of day it is, they are completely unaware that there is anything going on around them. often times, they are watching movies online and laughing a little too loudly for where they are. as i type this, one of these champs is sitting next to me. watching battlestar galactica. awesome.

there are a few more types of people that i have seen roaming the halls of uvu. but by far, my favorite kind are the "old people going to college" type of people. i don't know why, but in my mind, they are always super sweet, and pay super close attention to everything that goes on in their classes. they too have the rolling backpacks, because their backs aren't strong enough to carry all those books. they walk slow and it totally sucks when you get stuck walking behind them, but they are always super friendly when you accidently look at them for too long and the two of you make eye contact. oh old people. they bring so much joy to my life.

as you can tell, school at uvu is quite an adventure. don't you wish you go here?


tifsong said...

yes. i wish i went there to witness all of these people.

i mean we have sweet bro's,nerds, hippie-types, and old people at my school. but uvu also has colored pipes and it's all indoors, pretty much.

yeah. thanks for this post.
i like reading your words/thoughts.

Chelsey said...

Were you sitting in the hall of flags when you were writing this. There is no better place to watch the people than there.