Thursday, November 5, 2009

rock and roll music.

i'm at school and i should be paying attention, but astronomy is just so boring. oh wait! einstein is up on the ceiling. i'm a little more interested now.
so i just took the liberty of reading the blog of my dear friends jason gibby and jason davis. and $BiggiB$ listed his best and worst albums of the year. because of his post, i have been inspired to share with all you my, my best albums of the year.

in no particular order.

where the wild things are. beautiful and fit the emotions of the movie so perfectly.

monsters of folk. m.ward. conor oberst and mike mogis (of bright eyes). jim james (of my morning jacket.) brilliant and lovely.

andrew bird has done it again. this album is wonderful. if you haven't listened to it, i suggest you do.

as tall as lions. big thanks to tifaroo for letting me steal this album from her.

500 days of summer soundtrack. this movie is touching and beautiful. and the music makes my heart beat faster.

and as for the worst album of the year.
lady gaga. live ep. or regular album (released dec. 2008). everytime i hear one of her songs, i am one step closer to gouging my ears out.

ps. it's been over an hour and einstein is still on the ceiling. obviously we've covered a lot of information in astronomy today.

pps. only 57 more days til i see THIS face! i can't wait.


tifsong said...

YAY! linds! i need to steal all of those albums from you! except for lady gag! is that okay!? can i do that? i don't have them and i want them. i love you. also, i'm glad as tall as lions album made it on the top list. it took me two listens to really appreciate it, and by golly i do. i really do.

also. karen o and the kids are magic. i don't have the album but want it.

also (again) i'm excited to see that face too. but probably not as excited as you are!

tifsong said...

ps. thanks so much for linking me to the picture of einstein! who woulda thunk? not me.

Jason said...

Excellent list! Never heard the 500 days of summer tho. Should go check it out eh?

Jason said...

I like a girl that can love some soundtracks.
and one who can hate GAGA