Monday, January 3, 2011

the fool on the hill.

it's a new year.
and that means new resolutions.
new things to look forward to.
and lots of things to look back on.
for this post, i thought i would share with you all a few highlights from this past year.
i will apologize in advance for the lack of pictures, i'm using my husbands computer because mine is currently out of service thus; i have very few pictures to choose from.
anyway. here we go.

m. came home. seeing him after those two long (but fast) years was one of the happiest moments of my life.
we back bf/gf. officially. it was magic.
m. went to snow college. i missed him, but i make the trek to spc (san pete county) and all was well.

our first valentines day together in a very long time. l.o.v.e.
i visited again. and again.
han bone and i nearly got stuck in when h.bone broke my car key off in the door of the car. not good. but don't worry, we made it back to provo in time for hans 8am class.

m. and i talked about getting married.
ten of us piled into the nissan armada and went on a mega road trip to st.g. and viva las vegas.
we set a date. secretly.

this month went too slow. i was looking forward to way came in may.
m. asked my dads permission to marry me. (he said yes)

school was out, scream and shout.
m. and i got engaged. ask him the story. he's good at telling it.
we called the temple. set the date in stone.

we took our engagement pictures. had a blast.
i got my dress. he got his suit.
hannah went to arizona and came home an engaged woman. i cried a little bit.

bridal pictures. nearly ruined by a storm. we prayed hard. the weather was perfect.
planned the honeymoon. new york and boston. lovely.
i moved into our apartment with my dearest tifaroo.

tif moved out. our new bed moved in.
bridal showers and bachelorette parties! yay!
i went through the temple for the first time. it was beautiful. and so surreal.
august 11. the best day of my life. m. and i became one. forever.

brenden came home from az. hannah went through the temple.
h. and b. became one. her mom made her dress. it was a very happy day.
tif turned 23! pizza pie cafe party.

chelsey moved to az. we miss her.
m. and the band played at fork fest. it was a very warm day of october.
fork fest led to meeting s. and k. haslam. yay neighbors.
we got on our very own phone plan. we are total adults.
hallo.ween. hallo.cami. we dressed up as uncle jesse and prego aunt beckie from full house. awesome.

we said goodbye to grandma noni. we love her.
m. turned 22. there was a surprise party.
thanksgiving was filling.
i gave in and we bought at tv.

school was out for m. he was ready.
our first christmas tree. from grandma noni. it glowed through the window.
tif and joe got engaged. best ever.
presents. love. family. peace. joy. complete.

this of course was a very brief overview of the past year.
there are so many things that i cannot remember at this time,
but i want you all to know that these days, the ones that we live each and everyday are special. they mean something and sometimes we have to work hard to get something out of them, but everyday is beautiful and i am so grateful to share it with you.

i hope the next year brings you joy and happiness. make goals. make plans. have fun.
big love to you all.



Its meee Jessica said...

lindsey-loo-who! how cute is your new blog. I am totally digging your hot face. I LOVE YOU!

Kristi Haslam said...

yay for 2010! Such a great year!

tifsong said...

i love your blog so much.
and you. and i miss you so much.
can we spend time? every time i ask, i sound more and more desperate probably. bridal fair on the 15th! that should be good.