Friday, January 7, 2011


it's the seventh of january and i am already posting something new! am i doing good or what?! i am pretty proud of myself.
anyway. i don't have anything in particular that i plan on writing about, so i apologize if this sounds like rambling. because it kind of is.
ok, i think i've gather my thoughts enough so let me stop this rambling and give you all a little taste of the goals that i have set for myself. and a few that m. and i have set together for the upcoming year.
for me:
one. find some new hobbies. learn how to make and create new things.
two. exercise. i know this is a goal for most of the u.s. population, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good goal.
three. enter and run some kind of race. maybe a 5k. maybe a half marathon. maybe a ragnar. i'm not sure yet, but that is a big goal for me. cause guys, i hate running. a lot.
four. sew a new dress for tif's wedding. a yellow one. and a maybe a few other things too.
five. be a better wife to my husband. he does so much for me and sometimes i don't do enough to show ow much a appreciate him.
six. don't get preggers. we don't want no babies right now.
and for the m. and i:
one. read the scriptures everyday.
two. go to the temple twice a month. totally do-able.
three. go on a vacation. texas!
four. get away at least one weekend a month. or every two months, depending on what is going on and how much money we have.
five. speaking of money. save money.
six. get a new car. not a new new car. just a new one for us. one that is reliable and 2006 or newer. too specific? nah.
well, this is a good enough post for now.
next time: pictures!


tifsong said...

good goals.

good you.

miss you.

Its meee Jessica said...


Wendy said...

I would like to see the list of the 30 day blogs. What are they? Where are they. I looked in your bloggy and I didn't see them. Anywhos.
Love ya,

Christa said...

hey if you do ragnar for your running goal I want in. i've always wanted to do it...but never had a team! so I'll be on your team! it would be so fun!