Sunday, January 30, 2011

magical mystery tour.

hello dear friends.
i am back once again.
and as i promised i have some pictures to share with you.

happy birthday to my dearest husband.
on nov. 26. yeah, i am way behind on my blogging, i know.

i am going clear back to december for this first one.
m. and band. (they have no name) played a christmas concert.
in turtlenecks and christmas sweaters.
it was lovely.

we made some gingerbread houses, out of graham crackers which completely changes the name and feel of what they were intended to be, but regardless, it was fun. and this picture was taken as our house was literally crumbling in our hands.

ps. i just noticed m.'s face. real cute, huh?

then it was christmastime.
and our tree shown round about our tiny little apartment.
it was quite bright.

and our p.jams were pretty neat too.

then came 2011 and a trip to lava hot springs.
we stayed in here.

it looked like this.

and ate breakfast here.
it was about the same as eating an old shoe for breakfast.

more concerts, more concerts.

then we went to the sundance film festival.
we saw no films, but ate expensive pizza.

and lastly, let us not forget that the superbowl is upon us people.
do i care who wins?
no. just as long as i get to hang with this guy.

i'll do better to stay more updated.
until next time.
peace and love.
and hugs too.



Its meee Jessica said...

I think you're so dang cool. Cute pics dear. I still think you should color your hair red.

Jason said...

This is cute. I will admit that.
I love you both.
Just want you to always know that!

tifsong said...

aw. you two are the coolest. and i'm so lucky that the two coolest people in the world call me a friend. win.

Chelsey said...

I love and miss you two!