Monday, February 7, 2011


big news friends.
m. has decided to join me on this blog quest.
so, every once in a while, you may see a post from him.
cute, huh?

ok. so it's february. taxes are due in april? i have no idea. i should probably be better at being an adult. too bad.
we got our tax statements and everything is ready to go, but who wants to sit down and enter numbers into the computer and get things taken care of long before they are due? not me, thats who.
have you done your taxes yet?
check yes or no.
if yes, high five.
if no, don't worry, there is still time.

so let me tell you some stuff.
first. we hate our apartment. it is a fine place to sleep, but everything else is a pain in the caboose. but, we have five months left to deal with it. who knows, maybe we will love it by then. yeah right.
second. we are in need of another car. do you have one that you want to sell to us? a nice one, with not too many miles, and isn't too expensive or too old. am i being too specific?
third. we have been going to the gym. m. is learning how to jump high, and i am just running and elipting and biking and you know, the usual. it's cool. we are getting fit. today we sat in the hot tub after we worked out, and didn't even shower off before. shhh, don't tell.
fourth. we have been married six whole months this friday. what are we doing to celebrate this momentous occasion you ask, going to salt lake to eat lebanese food, of course. how else do people celebrate? i've never had lebanese food, have you?
fifth. i really want to take more pictures, but what do i have to photograph and what is the point of photographing when i don't even have the internet to post them on my blog. answer, there is no point. dear internet, don't be so expensive so we can afford you.
sixth. we are at m.'s parents (thus the reason why i can post this), m. is currently watch the jazz game. i don't think they are doing well. some quotes that confirm my thinking: "holy frick cj, what are you doing!," "millsap you idiot!," "oh my gosh jazz what is the deal?!," " gosh dangit jazz." uh oh. unhappy husband alert.
seventh. i saw a package of starburst that were all red and pink. can you say heaven? who care about orange and yellow anyway?
eight. whattheheck was up with the superbowl? ok, i don't care about the game, but the halftime show what out of control. give me a break fergie, you cannot sing. and those black dudes and that asian guy are, how you say, dumb as dumb can get. the superbowl commercials were ok, everything else, forgettaboutit.
nine. i have a lot of ideas for crafts up my sleeves, but could use some more. share with me your crafty skillzz and knowledge homies.
ten. we are in love with modern family. have you ever watched it? it is hilarious and touching, like full house, but on a whole new level of awesome. no kidding. m. laughs out loud, which is the test to see if something is really funny, and i am secretly in love with how stupid phil is. he kills me. watch an episode. or all of them.

well friends, this post was incredibly boring, but i wanted to give you something to read to let you pass the time whilst you are working, pooping, peeping, falling asleep, waking up, wasting time, waiting for your husband to come home, waiting for your husband to go to sleep so you can secretly shop online, waiting for you favorite tv show to start (modern family), distracting yourself from looking at steven tyler on american idol (scary!) waiting for the shower to heat up, trying to keep yourself from falling asleep on your way to work, wasting time on your lunch break, or whatever else!

post from m. next time.

love love love.


Its meee Jessica said...

Phil Dunfey = Robbie. No lies. I miss you.

the militonis said...

linds if you ever want to take pictures of my kids i will allow it : ) ps your post made me happy...we need to get together...friends?

tifsong said...


it's brilliant. fo real.
love you.

Aubrey said...

I love taxes. Mostly because of Turbo Tax and how easy it is. And also because it means I get money before everyone else. Maybe you don't need money right away, but if you do, it's direct deposit like 5 days after you file. Amazing. I recommend Turbo Tax 100%. DO IT!

Christa said...

haha I'm glad Mas yells while watching the jazz too...Logan is always in a bad mood after a jazz game.