Sunday, February 13, 2011

getting better.

happy weekend everyone.
(this is l. not m. as promised, but his post is coming soon.)

to celebrate this l.o.v.e. day weekend, m. and i went out to eat at
cedars of lebanon in slc.
the food was, quite lebanese and tasty. and a little pricy, but still good.
we went to sweet tooth fairy for dessert and boy oh boy was it tasty.
i could eat there famous cake balls all day long. yub!

well, first off, i would like to inform you all that m. and i now have a child.
her name is bonnie, the bonsai tree.

she is beautiful.
we love her.

m. got a valentine surprise from your truly.

i love him. for more than 52 reasons, but there were only 52 cards in the pack.
well, i have a feeling there are more valentines surprises to come, but i don't want to give anything away.
but rest assured, there will be more pictures coming. soon.

give a little love away this weekend.



Kristi Haslam said...

I'm going to kill Bonnie when you're in Las Vegas. That will be your punishment for leaving! J/k I'll take good care of her...or will I?

tifsong said...

my friend whitter really liked your card idea.
i did too.
i mean. i do too.
i might do it someday when joe and i are married.