Sunday, February 20, 2011


this weekend m. and i joined h&b for a wonderful trip down to viva las vegas.
it was a real nice time.
let me show you what we did.

we sat on a big chair.
and stayed in here. it was modern (as you can see by the wall art and blue wall.)
we saw some lions up close and personal.
and watched this water dance.
we thought about going up there.
but ate food here instead.
and we couldn't leave without seeing this.

and finally, ended our weekend with a visit here.

there was great shopping to be had between all the sight seeing. and i'm happy to report that some real treasures were found.
would i consider this weekend to be a success?
decide for yourself.

on the way there.
on the way home.

i'd say yes!



Andrew & Elise said...

I LOVE that pic of you and mason in front of the Vegas sign! You guys are such a cute couple.

l&m. said...

Thanks so much Elise! You are so sweet!

tifsong said...